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Een Turkse journalist wordt strafrechtelijk vervolgd vanwege zijn bewering ...



Hıkmet werd in 1902 geboren in Thessaloniki in Griekenland. Aan het einde ...


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In Turkije is op het gebied van de media op het eerste gezicht letterlijk v...


Open letter to the Turkish president about press freedom

Turkish newspaper Hürriyet published an open letter to president Erdoğan, asking what he wants from the newspaper. The letter ends with a strong statement: ‘Mr. President, if you mean that we are afraid of defending our right to freedom of the press, free speech and freedom to criticize, which are all guaranteed by the constitution, then you should know that we will defend these freedoms with no fear.’ Read more>>


Journalist Sedef KabaÅŸ is tried at Assize Court

Being tried at Penal Court of First Instance upon her tweet that criticized the prosecutor due to closing of the corruption file, journalist Sedef Kabaş’s file was sent to the Assize Court. However, Kabaş was not alone during the trial. Read more>>


About Röportaj: From Göktepe up to Dink

Strategy and mission

The media landscape in Turkey is overcrowded by a large number of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, as well as online media with a very different signature. Sometimes they take a very critical stand about the establishment.  However, as soon as they focus on controversial issues such as the military, the secular state of Turkey and the indivisibility of the Turkish nation they risk to infuriate the Turkish authorities. Not only reporters from progressive media face repression. Journalists of Islamic media, publications of minority groups and the mainstream press are at risk as well. Numerous court cases against editors, reporters and publishers have started and many of them face imprisonment.

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